A dress from Masai is an easy and fast way to create a feminine look. If you wear a jacket or cardigan on top, you can use it for the whole season – even when the cold really kicks in. And when it's time to party, you can accessorise it with some smart shoes and a stylish scarf. Voilà!
  • NEB DRESS, NAVY, swatch  
  • NOELA DRESS, BLACK, swatch  
  • NINNO DRESS, BLACK, swatch  
  • Ines dress, ROSYBROWN, swatch  
  • £100.00 £50.00
  • £100.00 £50.00
  • NIA DRESS, DOVE, swatch  
  • NITA DRESS, KHAKI, swatch  
  • £100.00 £50.00


Us women are all very different – both regarding our figures and our styles. This is why we choose to design dresses with different silhouettes. They enable you to find the exact shape that flatters and enhances your body type's positive attributes in a style that matches your personal taste. Whether you prefer a looser or more fitted silhouette, none of our designs will feel tight – because we know how important it is for you to always feel at ease with yourself.

If you have a waist and smaller bust, you should go after our most fitted shape, FITTED. It enhances your figure and closely contours your body without being tight. For example, try wearing a tulip dress with a short jacket to give your waist some extra definition, or create a more casual look with a long oversize jacket or cardigan.

If you have generous hips, you'll look great with a dress that is slightly looser at the bottom – and it will feel extra comfy too. Go after an A-SHAPE dress that enhances the bust before falling beautifully and loosely over the body. Try wearing the dress with a pair of stylish leggings and a longer cardigan or jacket that complements the lovely A-shape.

Whatever body type you have, an OVERSIZE dress is always a safe choice. It offers plenty of movability, falls beautifully over the body and is easy to dress up or down – either on top of slim-fitting trousers or leggings, or on its own on a warm, summery day.