Our design team bases every collection on unique colour themes. All colours and patterns within a colour theme can be combined. This makes it easy for you to create your own personal style.

Polka Dots

Embrace this season's polka dots – we've made them a little bigger for a distinctive and current look. Enjoy our gorgeous, chunky jerseys – they're comfortably elegant and easy to style.

Graphic delight

Graphic prints never go out of fashion. Create your personal look with monochrome styles or elegant jacquard, and bring a luxurious touch to your outfit. Combine with simple, solid-coloured styles for a confident look.

Animal prints forever

Everyone should have some animal prints in their wardrobe. That's why animal prints always feature in Masai's collections, whatever the season. This season, we give you zebra stripes with large, soft strokes in simple and classic colours.

Importance of red

Red is never just red. Red is the colour of the heart and the festive season. It reminds us of all the things we hold near and dear. So we've picked this deep, red tone with good reason – it encourages closeness and exudes effortless elegance, whatever the occasion. Find prints and knits with feminine details in this stunning colour.

An Olive pick

This deep, warm olive oozes subtle luxury and elegance. It is presented here in a stunning, shiny version, which looks striking combined with different textures of black and feminine prints.

Twist of Lemon

Upgrade your wardrobe and start each day with simple designs and a fresh burst of yellow, bringing an exciting contrast to the monochrome colour palette. Twist of Lemon brings you feminine prints and a wealth of warm knits.

Emerald harvest

The feel is smart and comfortable with simple, oversize cuts. Dark greens and blues dominate in a natural flow of colour, offset by warm undertones. A collection that embraces classic Masai florals alongside simpler prints of stripes and flowers.

Blush of Coal

The look is classic, where bold graphic prints in monochrome shades meet timeless styles in creamy whites and greys. Add shades of pink for a feminine touch, and stay warm all season with soft knits.

Dusty lavender

A feminine and stylish collection borne by elegant prints in dusty lavender and monochrome shades. The look is soft and classic with unexpected breaks of both graphic and ethnic prints.

Amber Story

Warm shades, iconic prints and cosy knits are the order of the day. Cut and detail are the focus. Here graphic styles, feminine florals and classic small-patterned prints play together in a simple contrast of warm amber and black.

Olives & Moss

Feminine fabrics get a masculine touch in Olives and Moss. Florals and pastels mingle with classic denim and checks in a striking contrast. Moss green, olive and lime set the tone in a natural colour palette, where both prints and plain styles blend easily and harmoniously.

Simple Harmony

Classic and simple prints in harmonious colours make Simple Harmony both feminine and versatile. Mix with plain-coloured styles in muted colours, and feel great all day long in soft fabrics.

White Notes

White and cream styles enable you to create consistency between colours and prints and add a lovely light element to your style.

Forever Black

Timeless black designs in different fabrics like knit, viscose, wool and jersey – great styles for your basic wardrobe.