Spring 2024

Masai journal

Spring’s in your wardrobe

Spring is the true season of joy. It’s the time of year when the long dark months give way to a collective awakening, and we can’t wait to step out and take part in it.

“As a brand deeply rooted in the Copenhagen way of life, we design for spring with all the items we ourselves long for: Light knits, joyous dresses, well-fitted trousers, blouses to wear between cold and warm days and outerwear to eliminate excuses to get outdoors. We know that spring is in the wardrobe.”
Marie Vesterbæk - Head of design at Masai

Oasis of optimism

This is where the magic happens, where inspiration is born and where each step further is an experience towards a more creative way of expressing who you are. This season, we count our blessings by noticing the flowers, the sky and the colours around us.

Soulful sea

We look forward to spring with a collection dedicated to and inspired by the sea and the first signs of spring: beautiful, fascinating and always in motion.

Spring delight

Enjoy a wealth of beautiful colours and artistic prints inspired by the beauty of spring, designed in our signature fits so you can enjoy being the best version of yourself. That's what we design clothes for.